choosing outfits for a photo session

Photo Session Dos and Don'ts: What to Wear

"What should I wear for my photo session?"

Deciding what to wear each morning is hard enough, let alone deciding what to wear for a photo shoot where you will have photographic evidence forever!  And if multiple people will be in the photographs, coordinating outfits so that the photographs look their best is like putting a puzzle together.  To help you with this puzzle, here are my dos and don'ts for choosing outfits to wear to a photo session. 

  • DO be yourself.  Being comfortable translates into confidence in front of the camera.  So don’t wear high heels if you’re a sneakers kind of girl!
  • DO work from one color palette.  Choose 2-3 colors and weave those into everyone’s outfits for a coordinated look.  This includes your dog!  Try to pick colors that go well with your dog's fur.
coordinated outfits for photo session
  • DON’T do matchy-matchy.  Everyone wearing jeans and a white button down shirt is a dated look (so 90s!)  Unless you and your family wear matching outfits in your daily life, this is a don’t.
  • DO consider your home décor style.  Imagine your photograph hanging on the wall in your home – do your outfits blend with your décor?  Do you prefer timeless, trendy, bright colors, neutrals, etc?
solid colors and comfortable style for photo shoot
  • DON’T wear large amounts of all black, all white, or extremely saturated colors (like hot pink), as these do not photograph well.
  • DON’T choose clothing with text or large graphics.  These can distract from the real subjects.
  • DO add textures, layers, and/or accessories as the finishing touches and to add interest.
wearing textures and accessories for photo session
  • DON'T forget about your shoes!  Especially when photographing dogs, your shoes will often show in the photographs, so you want cute and clean shoes.  And if you're wearing sandals, that's a perfect excuse to treat yourself to a pedicure!
cute shoes for a photo session

Do you already have the perfect outfit in mind and are ready to schedule a session?  Great, let's get started!