tips for photographing dogs

6 tips for choosing the perfect location for your pet photography session

"Where should we take our photos?"

This question comes up all the time, and the possibilities are endless.  Here are six things to consider when choosing a location for your pet photography session.

1) Safety - First and foremost, the location must be dog-friendly and safe. 

2) Meaning - Is there is a special place where you enjoy spending time with your dog?  Do you routinely play fetch at the neighborhood park?  Or maybe you visit the same dog-friendly patio for happy hour every Thursday?  Including your dog's favorite hang-out into your session make the final images more memorable.

3) Comfort - Has your dog never met a stranger?  Does he love exploring new places?  Or is your dog a homebody who prefers a quiet environment away from other people?  We want your dog to have fun during the session, and that means choosing a location where they will be at ease.  Also for older dogs who don't have as much energy as they used to, we'll choose a setting to minimize walking.

4) Timing - Depending on the time of year, time of day, weather, and popularity of a specific venue, some locations will be better than others.  For example, the lighting outdoors is most flattering in the hour after sunrise and hour before sunset, so I advise against holding a session in a wide-open field at noon on a sunny day.  Another example, I always check event calendars to avoid holding sessions at a popular park when a race or festival is scheduled.

5) Style - What 'feel' do you want the final images to have?  An urban scene with skylines, graffiti walls, and architectural details?  A natural setting such as rustic field, park, or lake?  Maybe you prefer a lifestyle session using your own home and yard as a backdrop?  Or the formal style of an indoor studio?

6) End in mind - Finally, consider how you will display your images.  For example, if you want to document a "day in the life" of your dog in a photo album, a session done in your home, yard, and around the block would best showcase your dog's everyday routine.  Or if you want to display a framed print in your traditionally-decorated family room, choosing a park setting may be a better choice than a graffiti wall background.

Examples of photographs taken in an urban setting:

black and white dog in urban setting
rescue dog in houston discovery green
dog pictures with houston skyline
urban photo session with dog in houston with tiled wall
yorkie dog on houston sidewalk

Examples of photographs taken in a natural setting:

dog on sandy florida beach
hunting dog in texas field with fence
two white dogs in bluebonnets
brittany spaniel by a texas pond

Examples of photographs taken at home or around the block:

in home pet photography session houston texas
goldendoodle walking in houston heights sidewalk
backyard dog photo session by the pool houston
golden retriever in rice military townhouse houston

There's no right or wrong answer to choosing a location for your pet photography session - it completely depends on you, your dog, and our vision.  You also don't need glamorous surroundings - sometimes it just takes a little creativity to turn a drab location into something spectacular.  By putting a little thought into choosing a location, we can plan a delightful experience that will result in meaningful custom artwork.

Ready to talk about the perfect location to photograph your furbaby?  Let's chat!