sand and sun

Dog Photography Session at the Beach - Houston Pet Photographer

A Florida beach, two fluffy water-loving pups, and a sunset?  Yes, please!  That’s a recipe for a fun evening.  This session actually took place at a workshop I attended last year with my friends and fellow pet photographers Nicole, Jacqui, Helen, Michelle, and Tracey

Winston and Baby Bear were two of the dogs who joined us that evening and oh boy, are they rock stars!  They ran, they splashed, they played, then they ran and splashed and played some more… you get the idea…

Without further ado, Winston (white) and Baby Bear (brown) at the beach:

dog walking in the sand at the beach
white dog at the beach
brown dog walking at the beach
two dogs playing in the water
two dogs splashing in the water at the beach
samoyed dog wading in the water
backlit dog on beach with orange sunset

Where is your dog's happy place?  Is it the beach? the park? the couch?  Send me a message to learn more about setting up a photo session for your dog in their happy place!