Product Highlight: The Classic Album

Who else loves ice cream?  Have you ever stopped by the ice cream shop for a sweet treat, only to walk up to the counter and you CAN NOT decide which flavor to get?  So you get a scoop of this and a scoop of that?  And then if your significant other is with you, you try to talk him into ordering the other flavors you also want?

Yep, me too.  Luckily for my clients, I don't bring ice cream, but sometimes choosing their favorite images from the session is just as hard.  Enter photo albums - the perfect way to display your favorite images when you can't pick just one!

I offer two styles of photo albums, the Classic Album which features 10 images on beautiful thick press paper, and the Heirloom Album which features all your images on luxurious matte photo paper.  Both include custom designs.

This video shows a recent Classic Album I designed featuring Napoleon, Dolly, and Beans:

If you're ready to create a gorgeous photo album of your pet, let's talk!

Cooper and Shay the Puggles - Houston Rice Military Pet Photographer

After a long day of work and sitting in Houston traffic, you walk through the front door, set your laptop on the floor, and are greeted by two of the happiest, smiling, body-waggin' dogs ever, and all your worries instantly disappear.  That's exactly what I imagine this beautiful dog-mama experiences every single day!

I'll admit, I had never heard of a puggle before.  It's a pug-beagle mix, and after meeting Cooper and Shay, I pretty much fell in love! These two puppies are inseparable and have lived in more states than I have (six, if you're wondering!)

dog picture with houston skyline
dogs in eleanor tinsley park
houston dog photography

How cute is Cooper's tail?!  Tail wags galore during our session.

curly dog tail

And y'all know I'm a sucker for an underbite... but those wrinkles too!

underbite dog smile in houston park
puggle dog with purple flowers in houston
puggle dogs and texas cowboy boots
houston pet photographer - pug beagle mix dogs
walking dogs along sabine street bridge with houston skyline
two puggles on sidewalk in black and white

If you've been thinking about photographing your dog, send me a note for more information.