wall art

Picking the perfect picture size to hang on the wall

"Yuck, this paint color is horrible!  I can't imagine living in this house." 

How many times have you heard this comment uttered by a hopeful home shopper on an episode of House Hunters?  Many times the couple becomes overwhelmed and passes up a fabulous house because they can't visualize the space repainted in a neutral greige color a la Restoration Hardware catalog.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine what the final product will look like. 

So today let's talk about choosing the appropriate size artwork for your space.  You see, I have software that allows my clients to see what their images will look like on their own walls.  Let's get started.  Here's a beautiful "stock" living room with a traditional fireplace.  Obviously the "stock" homeowner recently moved in and has not unpacked all the dog toys just yet!

empty wall

Let's add a framed print - how about an 8x10?

picture too small for the wall

Hmmm, that 8x10 looks pretty tiny up there!  Let's go bigger.  What about a 30x40 framed print?

picture too big for the wall

Whoa!  That 30x40 portrait swallowed up the entire wall!  Bigger is not always better.  Let's scale it down a bit to a 20x30.

picture appropriately sized for the wall

Ahhh, just right!  The 20x30 size is big enough to enjoy throughout the room yet still appropriately proportioned for the space.  Not to say that a 20x30 is the magic size for all spaces - it really depends on your wall space and other decor.  A smaller print may look better in a cozy reading nook hung above a side table with a lamp.  But for the huge wall behind the family room couch, a larger print (or even a grouping of several prints) may look the best.

If you don't have access to special artwork-sizing software, you can use Kraft paper taped to the wall to help determine the best size.  Kraft paper is especially helpful when designing a gallery wall.

Are you interested in creating custom artwork of your dog to hang in your home?  Let's talk!  This service is complimentary and part of your personalized design and ordering appointment.  No need to pass up a treasure because you can't visualize the final product!