2017 Bluebonnet Recap - Houston Dog Photography

A gentle breeze.  The warm sun low in the sky.  Patches of bluebonnets along a neighborhood trail.  It was pretty much the perfect evening to spend outside with your dogs!  If you have lived in Texas more than a couple years, you know that pictures in the bluebonnets is a thing - almost a rite of passage – and I think you'll agree these five dogs look stunning among the wildflowers!

Some dogs love the camera, some do not, and some are indifferent.  I encountered all of the above that March evening in the bluebonnet field...

Vizslas Rusty and Lola are quite the pair!  Both happy and energetic, but can we talk about Lola's stink face?!  This is apparently fairly normal.  Resting bitch face, literally.  Don't worry, I got her to smile too...

Rusty and Lola
two dogs in bluebonnet field
texas hunting dogs in field of flowers

Bentley, a King Charles Cavalier, falls squarely into the category of loving the camera.  He is getting prepared to be the ring bearer at his mom and dad's wedding this summer, and well, he may or may not be stealing the show!

megan murray photography houston dogs
king charles cavalier in texas bluebonnets

You might recognize this dapper dachshund Floyd, as he participated in the Portraits For Life fundraiser earlier this year.  Floyd has an extensive collection of bowties, and I think it's pretty evident he is a camera-lover!

houston dog photography - dachshund in bluebonnets

Joining Floyd was his older and wiser sister Abby.  She may not see or hear very well anymore, but she did great! 

houston cavalier spaniel in bluebonnet field
dogs in bowties in bluebonnets - houston pet photography

If you've been thinking about having your dog photographed, let's talk!  I only have a couple dates available before the summer heat arrives.