unconditional love

Why I do what I do

"Do you do family photo shoots?"

I get this question a lot when people find out that I'm a photographer.  And I usually answer by saying no because posing a group of people is not my forte. 

But that's not entirely true.  You see, I DO photograph families. 

Dogs are family.

They shower their people with the most unselfish and unconditional love possible.  They have personalities and quirks just like humans.  They steal pillows, give kisses, and snuggle their way into your heart.

So yes, I photograph families.  I aim to photograph dogs in a natural, candid way that shows their personality and the bond with their people.

Now I'm going to introduce you to Teddy.  Teddy, a gentle 9-year-old golden retriever, was diagnosed with a rapidly-growing lymphoma earlier this year, and his mom reached out to me to create memories of her beloved dog.  When I got home from Teddy's photo session and downloaded the images, this is the one that took my breath away:

unconditional love houston golden retriever

Is it an award-winning image?  no.

Can you see Teddy or his momma's faces?  no

Does it make you feel something?  Hell yes it does!  You can feel the love and loyalty between them.  The years of ear scratches, slobbery kisses, and snuggles.  The countless hours going for walks and sitting on the balcony.  You can feel their bond.

Dogs are family.  And that is why I do what I do.