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A Texas tradition: bluebonnet photos aren't just for people!

To be completely honest, my bluebonnet sessions almost didn't happen this year. 

My husband and I had a trip planned to Paris during the exact 2-week period when the bluebonnets typically peak in Houston, and I wasn't sure if the timing would work.  And for those of you with dogs and/or kids, you know how hectic it can be preparing for a big trip and making sure your babies are taken care of!

Luckily, Mother Nature cooperated with my travel schedule.

At the last minute, I opened an evening of sessions - it not only sold out, but I ended up opening up a second evening.  One sweet dog mom said she'd been stalking me on social media for the last year hoping to snag a bluebonnet session!

Thankful to keep this Texas tradition going (third year in a row!)

Without further ado, the sweet and spunky pups who joined me in the bluebonnets this year:

Sierra and Rocky

Sierra and Rocky







bluebonnet photo sessions for dogs by megan murray photography

And there's always one cheeseball in the group:

havanese dog smiling with texas bluebonnets and indian paintbrush

Do you enjoy bluebonnet pictures as much as I do?  See more sessions from 2017 and 2016.

Now booking... 2018 Limited Edition Bluebonnet Sessions

Who else is enjoying this nice weather and new growth on the trees?  It's springtime in Texas, and that means one thing:


For one evening only, I'm offering limited edition bluebonnet sessions.  (Fun fact: one of the images I created during last year's bluebonnet sessions merited in the International Photographic Competition!)

These short sessions will take place March 21 within the Houston city limits.  Book your session here, and hurry!  Spots are extremely limited this year.

cavalier king charles spaniel in bluebonnet field

2017 Bluebonnet Recap - Houston Dog Photography

A gentle breeze.  The warm sun low in the sky.  Patches of bluebonnets along a neighborhood trail.  It was pretty much the perfect evening to spend outside with your dogs!  If you have lived in Texas more than a couple years, you know that pictures in the bluebonnets is a thing - almost a rite of passage – and I think you'll agree these five dogs look stunning among the wildflowers!

Some dogs love the camera, some do not, and some are indifferent.  I encountered all of the above that March evening in the bluebonnet field...

Vizslas Rusty and Lola are quite the pair!  Both happy and energetic, but can we talk about Lola's stink face?!  This is apparently fairly normal.  Resting bitch face, literally.  Don't worry, I got her to smile too...

Rusty and Lola
two dogs in bluebonnet field
texas hunting dogs in field of flowers

Bentley, a King Charles Cavalier, falls squarely into the category of loving the camera.  He is getting prepared to be the ring bearer at his mom and dad's wedding this summer, and well, he may or may not be stealing the show!

megan murray photography houston dogs
king charles cavalier in texas bluebonnets

You might recognize this dapper dachshund Floyd, as he participated in the Portraits For Life fundraiser earlier this year.  Floyd has an extensive collection of bowties, and I think it's pretty evident he is a camera-lover!

houston dog photography - dachshund in bluebonnets

Joining Floyd was his older and wiser sister Abby.  She may not see or hear very well anymore, but she did great! 

houston cavalier spaniel in bluebonnet field
dogs in bowties in bluebonnets - houston pet photography

If you've been thinking about having your dog photographed, let's talk!  I only have a couple dates available before the summer heat arrives.

Now booking... 2017 Limited Edition Bluebonnet Sessions

I blinked and all of a sudden Houston is so green!  Spring is here, although we really didn't have a winter at all, unless you count that one freeze that wiped out nearly all our tropical plants in the backyard, but I digress...

Spring is here, and bluebonnets are already popping up around Texas.  It's time for limited edition bluebonnet sessions!  These short sessions will take place March 25 within the Houston city limits.  Book your session here, and hurry!  There are only a few spots left.

Beagle in bluebonnets

Bluebonnet Review - Houston Texas Dog Photographer

It's a Texas tradition.  And I might have to revoke your Texan status if you don't have at least one picture of your family in the bluebonnets. 

This year I had four puppies come out and visit me in the wildflowers on a beautiful spring evening.  And would it surprise you to know these photographs were taken inside the 610 loop?  Yes, these iconic Texas flowers pop up in our own backyard!

First up is Samantha the beagle.  Sam loves to go on walks with her mom and dad before the sun comes up and stand guard over the backyard!

beagle in bluebonnets
dog houston texas bluebonnets

Next is Lola the pit bull.  Hands down her favorite thing to do is cuddle up with her momma on the couch. 

pit bull in texas bluebonnets

And last but certainly not least are Lane and Macy, a fabulous pair of Westies.  Lane recently finished doggie chemo and is doing great!  They both enjoy accompanying their parents on road trips and out to dinner on local restaurant patios. 

west highland terriers texas bluebonnets
westies texas wildflowers bluebonnet

They were both sooo sweet and well behaved - you'd never know from these photographs that Lane was a bit grumpy from being groomed!

texas sunset bluebonnets dog

Until next year bluebonnets...

If you'd like to have your dog photographed before the summer heat arrives, send me a message.  I only have a couple dates left in May.