my dog

A Love Letter to my Dog (Sadie, part 3 of 3)

poodle terrier mix with hearts

Dear Sadie,

My puppy who proved me wrong.  I was perfectly content with two dogs and our established routine.  Then despite my protests, my husband committed to rescuing a new puppy, and that's how you joined our family.  We definitely had our moments in the beginning, but your zest for life has taught me to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff.  Your enthusiasm is contagious and you commit 100% to everything you do. 

I love your crooked under bite and unruly hair.  I love how you warm my feet in bed and have joined Mackenzie in being my shadow.  I love how you practically fly down the stairs.  Most of all, I love how you are never anything but absolutely thrilled to be alive.  So I was wrong, we did need you.  In fact, I think everyone needs a little Sadie in their life!

Love, Mom

A Love Letter to my Dog (Sophie, part 2 of 3)

maltese with hearts

Dear Sophie,

My sweet and sassy puppy.  When you have one child (fur or human), you tend to question whether it's possible to love another as much as your first.  However, you taught me that there is indeed enough love to go around.  You also taught me that every dog is unique with their own personality.  You are independent - occasionally super snuggly but more often needing your own space. 

I love hearing the pitter-pat of your walk and how your hair gets crazy fluffy after a bath.  I love how you can spend hours upon hours basking in the sunshine outside.  I love how you seem to always find the softest pillows and blankets to lay on and will roll over for a belly rub when someone is within arm's reach.   I love how you get revved up and will chase your sisters around the coffee table, then slither under the furniture when you've had enough.  Most of all, I love your spunky yet gentle demeanor.

Love, Mom

A Love Letter to my Dog (Mackenzie, part 1 of 3)

dachshund with hearts

Dear Mackenzie,

Ahhh, my first baby.  I still remember the day I met you, a little puppy crawling straight into my lap and into my heart.  Since that day ten plus years ago, you have been my faithful shadow and taught me how to love and nurture someone other than myself.  You are always happy to see me (and conversely somewhat depressed when I'm traveling), quick to comfort me when I'm sad, eager for a dingo or belly rub, and the perfect homebody to snuggle with.  You don't like change, but have always adapted as we moved to new houses and added four more sisters: two canine and two human.

I love your dappled paws and rabbit-soft fur.  I love how you sit up like a gopher in the hopes of earning a dingo treat.  I love your distinctive happy trot and how your face transforms into a smile when you pant.  Most of all, I love your loyalty and companionship.

Love, Mom