indoor dog photography

Why your home is a great place for a photo session

Where should I hold my dog's photo session?

This is a common question, and there are many possibilities, your home being one.

I know what you might be thinking.  My house?  But it's small or messy or I have no yard.  Don't automatically reject the idea of having the session at your home because you think it has to look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It doesn't!

Recently I did a series of in-home sessions.  From townhomes with tiny yards to large custom-built homes with big yards, starter homes to forever homes, we can always find a few great backdrops to tell your dog's story.

There are several advantages to holding a photo session at your home:

  • you and your dog are comfortable there
  • it's more convenient for you - no driving or directions necessary!
  • for elderly or sick dogs, less walking required
  • images of your dog in all his favorite hang-out spots are meaningful.  You know the spots, whether it's a special chair, a window, a play area in the backyard, or just at your feet...
  • no leash required in a fenced-in yard
  • A/C in the Houston heat.  'nuff said.

Here are some of my favorite images from the latest in-home sessions:

houston dogs at home

If you'd love to book an in-home photo session with your dog, let's talk!

2017 Portraits For Life Recap

Last month's Portraits For Life fundraising event was a huge success! 

I photographed 16 dogs and 1 cat all in one day, and together we raised $1000 for Friends For Life animal shelter in The Heights.  That's enough to spay/neuter and vaccinate 15 cats, or provide a year's supply of heartworm preventative medicine for 40 dogs. 

A huge thank you to all of you that participated!  Here are a handful of my favorite images:

houston pet portrait fundraiser for friends for life animal shelter

You can also see a short video with more photos from the event here.

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