home office makeover

Houston Dog Photographer - Office Makeover

Picture this:

It's 9:00 am, the house is quiet, you have zero plans for the day, and you sit down to work on your latest creative project.  9:02 and your eyes wonder to the pile of papers sitting on the table, then to the basket of who-knows-what that's been sitting on the floor for the last 3 months, then over to that new photo you've been meaning to hang on the wall.  By 9:05, you realize your plans for the day just got very busy tackling the mayhem that's taken over the room.

That's exactly what happened to me.  One minute I was planning to edit our vacation photos, and before I knew it I had emptied out the room and was buying paint at Sherwin Williams! 

My home office is where I do all my photo editing and planning for my business.  And the space had been neglected for too long.  Introducing my new and improved home office and design space:

office makeover

A new paint color, desk, rug, chairs, and tables.  And even more exciting, new gorgeous product samples.  I love inviting my clients into this space to view their images and design their artwork!

houston home office
photo album and wall portrait samples

What's your office like?  Do you thrive on a clean desk, or can you function in a messy workspace?