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Now booking... 2018 Summer in the City sessions

Two weekends in July...

eight fun locations all around Houston...

an excuse to get out and explore with your dog...

resulting in a professional portrait that will make you smile every day

Introducing... Summer in the City limited edition sessions.  Think of it as a summer bucket list item for you and your dog!

Sessions are booking now.  Visit the registration page to see sample photographs from the eight locations, get answers to FAQs, and book your Summer in the City session.  Spots are limited.

Hope to see you there!

Lola & Baxter, dog food so good even you would eat it

Have you ever made a positive change to your diet and noticed you start to look and feel better?  Your dog can also benefit from a healthier diet.  Today Iman is talking with us about Lola & Baxter, a business dedicated to providing the freshest nutrient-dense food for your dog!

Me:  How did Lola & Baxter get started?

Iman:  My mom, who loves cooking and feeding everyone, has been making food for our dogs for over 20 years.  It started when we lived abroad, where commercial dog food was not readily available.  More recently, our vet noticed how healthy our dogs were and asked what we were feeding them.  When the vet heard about the homemade human-grade recipes, they wanted to sell it to their other clients, and the idea for Lola & Baxter was born.

Mom, Iman, & Baxter  (photo credit: John Tran)

Mom, Iman, & Baxter  (photo credit: John Tran)

Me: Your company is named after your dogs Lola and Baxter.  Tell me about them!

Iman:  Lola is a sassy German Shepherd, who sometimes acts like an elegant princess and other times is a klutz.  I adopted her as a puppy, and she gallops in her sleep.  Baxter is a shiatzu with a zen Buddha personality.

Lola & Baxter (photo credit: John Tran)

Lola & Baxter (photo credit: John Tran)

Me:  What dog food recipes do you offer?

Iman: We currently have five different dog food recipes fit for dogs at all stages of life.  They are all made fresh from human-grade ingredients, and we work with a vet nutritionist to ensure the right mix of nutrients.  We are also working on our first cat food recipe and a line of dog treats.

(photo credit: John Tran)

(photo credit: John Tran)

Me:  Which recipe is your best seller?

Iman: Turkey is the most popular, and chicken is a close second.  We recommend rotating your dog’s food so that they get a variety of flavors and nutrients.  Plus who wants to eat the same thing every day?!

(photo credit: John Tran)

(photo credit: John Tran)

Me:  From someone who is addicted to the convenience of Amazon Prime, I think it’s great that you deliver.  Can you tell me more about this service?

Iman: For our subscribers, we offer delivery inside the loop, galleria, and memorial areas.  The food is delivered to your doorstep frozen – you can freeze it for up to 4 months or thaw it in the refrigerator and feed to your dogs within 7-10 days.  The temperature-controlled bags and containers are reusable, so when it’s time for the next delivery, simply put your empty containers and bag out, and we will swap for your next food delivery.

healthy dog food delivered straight to your doorstep (photo credit: Iman)

healthy dog food delivered straight to your doorstep (photo credit: Iman)

Me:  What’s your favorite thing about running Lola & Baxter?

Iman:  My favorite thing is connecting with fellow dog-lovers, their dogs, and other compassionate people we meet at the Farmer’s Market.  I also like the creative side of bringing our business vision to life.  For me, there is nothing quite like planting the business seed and watching it grow!

Me:  What tips would you give dog owners who want to improve their dog’s diet?

Iman:  Many dry kibble recipes contain preservatives and have lost valuable nutrients because of the high-temperature processing method used to cook the kibble.  We recommend introducing fresh vegetables for a more nutrient-dense diet.  Dogs are no different than people – we all look better, feel better, and perform better with the proper nutrition.  It's important to note that some people food is NOT good for your dog - refer to this ASPCA list of people foods to avoid feeding your pets.

Me:  What's in store for Lola & Baxter in 2018?

Iman:  We are finalizing our retail packaging, and soon the Lola & Baxter foods will come to a retail establishment near you!

Me:  Where can people get their hands (paws) on Lola & Baxter dog food?

Iman:  Come visit us at the Urban Harvest Farmers Market every Saturday morning, or order online at the Lola & Baxter website.

Lola & Baxter at the Urban Harvest Farmer's Market (photo credit: Iman)

Lola & Baxter at the Urban Harvest Farmer's Market (photo credit: Iman)

You can find Lola & Baxter at:




in person: Urban Harvest Farmers Market (3000 Richmond)

Why your home is a great place for a photo session

Where should I hold my dog's photo session?

This is a common question, and there are many possibilities, your home being one.

I know what you might be thinking.  My house?  But it's small or messy or I have no yard.  Don't automatically reject the idea of having the session at your home because you think it has to look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It doesn't!

Recently I did a series of in-home sessions.  From townhomes with tiny yards to large custom-built homes with big yards, starter homes to forever homes, we can always find a few great backdrops to tell your dog's story.

There are several advantages to holding a photo session at your home:

  • you and your dog are comfortable there
  • it's more convenient for you - no driving or directions necessary!
  • for elderly or sick dogs, less walking required
  • images of your dog in all his favorite hang-out spots are meaningful.  You know the spots, whether it's a special chair, a window, a play area in the backyard, or just at your feet...
  • no leash required in a fenced-in yard
  • A/C in the Houston heat.  'nuff said.

Here are some of my favorite images from the latest in-home sessions:

houston dogs at home

If you'd love to book an in-home photo session with your dog, let's talk!

2017 Bluebonnet Recap - Houston Dog Photography

A gentle breeze.  The warm sun low in the sky.  Patches of bluebonnets along a neighborhood trail.  It was pretty much the perfect evening to spend outside with your dogs!  If you have lived in Texas more than a couple years, you know that pictures in the bluebonnets is a thing - almost a rite of passage – and I think you'll agree these five dogs look stunning among the wildflowers!

Some dogs love the camera, some do not, and some are indifferent.  I encountered all of the above that March evening in the bluebonnet field...

Vizslas Rusty and Lola are quite the pair!  Both happy and energetic, but can we talk about Lola's stink face?!  This is apparently fairly normal.  Resting bitch face, literally.  Don't worry, I got her to smile too...

Rusty and Lola
two dogs in bluebonnet field
texas hunting dogs in field of flowers

Bentley, a King Charles Cavalier, falls squarely into the category of loving the camera.  He is getting prepared to be the ring bearer at his mom and dad's wedding this summer, and well, he may or may not be stealing the show!

megan murray photography houston dogs
king charles cavalier in texas bluebonnets

You might recognize this dapper dachshund Floyd, as he participated in the Portraits For Life fundraiser earlier this year.  Floyd has an extensive collection of bowties, and I think it's pretty evident he is a camera-lover!

houston dog photography - dachshund in bluebonnets

Joining Floyd was his older and wiser sister Abby.  She may not see or hear very well anymore, but she did great! 

houston cavalier spaniel in bluebonnet field
dogs in bowties in bluebonnets - houston pet photography

If you've been thinking about having your dog photographed, let's talk!  I only have a couple dates available before the summer heat arrives.