best houston pet photographer

How to choose the best photographer for you

You're scrolling through your Facebook feed and within 10 minutes come across no less than 6 different ads for local photographers.  Hmmm, the holidays are coming up and you, like many others, are thinking about getting family photos taken to give as gifts or use on your holiday cards.

But with so many choices, how do you choose the right photographer for you? 

how to choose the best houston photographer

Here are five questions to consider so that you hire a photographer that you will love:

1) What is their specialty?

Do they photograph weddings? newborns? boudoir? families? pets? fashion? landscapes? travel? corporate headshots? real estate? a little bit of everything?  These are just some of the many different genres of photography.  Think about who or what you would like to have photographed, and check if the photographer specializes in that genre of photography.  Typically, specialization is a sign the photographer is both passionate about and experienced in their chosen niche. 

2) Do you like their style?

Take a look through the photographer's portfolio - do they have a cohesive style and does it appeal to you?  Are you looking for a formal everyone-look-at-the-camera-and-smile portrait, or do you prefer something more candid?  Do you relate to moody black and white images?  Colorful and vibrant?  Soft and romantic?  Indoor studio?  Outdoors?  Props and themes?  It's important to find a photographer whose style speaks to you.

3) Are they professional and personable?  (i.e. do you like them?)

After you inquire with a photographer, are their communications helpful and timely?  Can you get a feel of what it will be like working with this person?  Do they provide professional guidance?  Do they listen to your story and goals for the session?  Photography is not about snapping a quick picture - it's about telling a story, so choose a photographer that is interested in yours.

4) What services and products do they provide?

Some photographers meet you at the designated time and place, shoot for 20 minutes, email a link to download your images, then are never to be seen or heard from again.  Other photographers get involved in every aspect of the session from scouting a new location, planning your wardrobe, and arranging a hair/make-up artist to designing a wall display and even hanging the artwork on your walls.  Similarly with products, different photographers offer different products from wall art to albums to gift items to digital files.  What products and level of service are right for you?

5) Do their prices fit within your budget?

Once you find a photographer that specializes in your desired genre of photography and you love their style, personality, and products/services offered, it's time to consider budget.  What type of experience and products are you investing in?  Can you afford to work with your chosen photographer, and if not right away, are you willing to save up for it?   


There you go!  I hope these five tips help you find the best professional photographer for you.  Do you have any tips to add based on previous experiences?

If you think I might be the right photographer for you, get in touch and let's talk about how I can help you create memories of your pet!