before and after

Worried your dog won't behave for a photo shoot? Don't be!

"My dog will never behave off leash." 

This is one of the main concerns I hear from pet owners, and I'm here to tell you that's perfectly normal.

"But all the dogs I see on your website are not on a leash - what gives?!" 

I'm about to let you in on a secret, and it's called...

...(drumroll please)...


You might be surprised to know that most of the dogs I photograph remain on a leash for the entire session.  Your pup's safety is my top priority, so unless we're in a fenced-in area or your dog is super-obedient, we will likely remain on leash. 

Here's an example of Photoshop magic: the following SOOC (straight out of camera) photograph of my Mackenzie was taken on a popular hike and bike trail. 

Since the leash was small and the background simple, I was able to remove the leash and person from the final image, shown here:

dachshund on bridge

Basic leash removal is a complimentary service I provide to my clients.  This works best with simple, neutral collars and leashes (not harnesses).  In some cases, the leash is part of the story, and it makes sense to leave it in the final image.   

So don't worry if your dog is not the poster child for obedience.  That is completely normal and I promise we can still get some amazing photographs!

Ready to have your (perhaps-not-so-obedient) dog photographed?  Let's talk!