Bluebonnet Review - Houston Texas Dog Photographer

It's a Texas tradition.  And I might have to revoke your Texan status if you don't have at least one picture of your family in the bluebonnets. 

This year I had four puppies come out and visit me in the wildflowers on a beautiful spring evening.  And would it surprise you to know these photographs were taken inside the 610 loop?  Yes, these iconic Texas flowers pop up in our own backyard!

First up is Samantha the beagle.  Sam loves to go on walks with her mom and dad before the sun comes up and stand guard over the backyard!

beagle in bluebonnets
dog houston texas bluebonnets

Next is Lola the pit bull.  Hands down her favorite thing to do is cuddle up with her momma on the couch. 

pit bull in texas bluebonnets

And last but certainly not least are Lane and Macy, a fabulous pair of Westies.  Lane recently finished doggie chemo and is doing great!  They both enjoy accompanying their parents on road trips and out to dinner on local restaurant patios. 

west highland terriers texas bluebonnets
westies texas wildflowers bluebonnet

They were both sooo sweet and well behaved - you'd never know from these photographs that Lane was a bit grumpy from being groomed!

texas sunset bluebonnets dog

Until next year bluebonnets...

If you'd like to have your dog photographed before the summer heat arrives, send me a message.  I only have a couple dates left in May.