Ari's photo session adventure at Hermann Park

Have you ever gotten a bad haircut? 

One so bad you wish you could wear a hat every time you left the house?  I have.  When I was 21, a cost-conscious college student, I went to a chain salon and asked for a layered bob.  I left with a 80s hockey-player haircut.  Not quite a mullet, but definitely NOT what I had in mind.

So what does a bad haircut have to do with this post?  Unfortunately Ari got a bad haircut right before our scheduled session in March.  We rescheduled his session to let his hair grow out, and I waited patiently for two whole months to meet this adorable ball of fluff and his fun mama.  Dood's gotta look good, am I right?

fluffy australian labradoodle in houston hermann park
houston dog in mcgovern centennial gardens
girl holding labradoodle in houston park
labradoodle high five on bridge
labradoodle catching a treat
dog with owner sunrise silhouette in houston