houston animal shelter

After Hurricane Harvey: How to Help Houston's Animals

a city of 6.7 million people

50+ inches of rain in 4 days

record-breaking floods

To say the last several days have been emotionally draining would be a huge understatement.  So many uncertainties between the hurricane path, wind, rain, tornadoes, flooding, power outages, and most of us asking:


The amount of devastation in and around Houston is staggering - it's heartbreaking how many people have been displaced from their homes, or worse, lost everything in the floods.  I'm proud of how quickly our city has stepped up to help one another, and sincerely touched by the dedication of the emergency responders and all the volunteers pouring in.

The sun finally came out late Tuesday, and although it will take weeks for the flood waters to recede and months or even years to cleanup, the sun was such a welcome sight.  Rebuilding Houston will not be a sprint, it's a marathon and you can help.


Donate money

Please consider donating to one of the animal shelters and rescue groups local to Houston, and check if your employer offers a matching fund program because your donation could go even farther!  The following list is only a small fraction of the many selfless rescue organizations around Houston who are already hard at work deploying volunteers and supplies where they are needed. 

Donate supplies

Some of the above organizations are also accepting supply donations, such as food, leashes, crates, blankets, etc.  Please check with the individual organization for most-needed items and drop-off location.  As of today, we still do not have mail service, so supply donations will need to be dropped off locally (only if safe to do so).

Open your home

Lastly, consider fostering (or even adopting!) a pet. 

maltese mix

As a Houstonian, it's been astounding to see the outpouring of love and support from people far and wide.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping.