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The unbound album: a versatile solution for displaying your photographs

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite products, the Unbound Album! 

houston fine art pet photographer album

So what is an Unbound Album?  It's a collection of matted prints in a beautiful folio box.  I offer two sizes: 8x10 and 11x14.

houston fine art pet photographer matted prints
houston fine art pet photographer folio box

The versatility of the Unbound Album make it a popular choice for displaying your photographs.  You can:

  1. Store your prints inside the box and look through the images the same way you would flip through an album.
  2. Display your favorite print on a table or bookshelf using an easel, changing out over time.
  3. Frame your favorite prints and hang them on the wall, changing out over time.
  4. Do a combination of the above!
houston fine art pet photographer picture box

Are you ready to create timeless artwork to display in your own unbound album?  I'd love to meet you and your dog - send me a message and let's get started!