A Love Letter to my Dog (Sadie, part 3 of 3)

poodle terrier mix with hearts

Dear Sadie,

My puppy who proved me wrong.  I was perfectly content with two dogs and our established routine.  Then despite my protests, my husband committed to rescuing a new puppy, and that's how you joined our family.  We definitely had our moments in the beginning, but your zest for life has taught me to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff.  Your enthusiasm is contagious and you commit 100% to everything you do. 

I love your crooked under bite and unruly hair.  I love how you warm my feet in bed and have joined Mackenzie in being my shadow.  I love how you practically fly down the stairs.  Most of all, I love how you are never anything but absolutely thrilled to be alive.  So I was wrong, we did need you.  In fact, I think everyone needs a little Sadie in their life!

Love, Mom